Tree and Shrub Care

Round 1

January - February: Dormant Oil Application

Dormant oil application is applied when plants are dormant to control hibernating pests such as scale insects and certain insect eggs.

Round 2

February - March: Feeding/Fertilization

Fertilizer is applied to the to the root zone of all landscape plants to stimulate the growth of vibrant, healthy foliage. A systemic insecticide is included in this application.

Round 3

April - May: Insect and Disease Treatment

Plants are individually treated to provide control of insects such as leaf miners, caterpillars, and lace bugs as well as diseases such as leaf spots, rust scab, and leaf galls.

Round 4

May - June: Insect and Disease Treatment 2

Control of summer insects such as weevils, mites, and beetles are provided. Disease control for any lingering spring leaf disease and powder mildew is provided.

Round 5

July - August: Insect and Disease Treatment 3

Control of summer insects such as mites, aphids and caterpillars as well as diseases such as scab, blight, and teal spot are treated.

Round 6

September - October: Fall Feeding/ Fertilization

The landscape receives close monitoring at this time as insect and disease problems spread rapidly. Both insects and diseases are treated as needed.

Round 7

November - December: Insect and Disease Treatment 4

It is important at this time to stimulate root growth and energy needed for next spring green up.